Auf einer Seite haben wir Links und Videos zusammengetragen, die es jedem Karate-Begeisterten ermöglichen seine Kenntnisse in den verschiedenen Katas . 27 Shotokan Katas. [Albrecht Pflüger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A listing and brief description of the katas required of students during belt testing and advancement in Shotokan Karate at IMA.

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List of Katas in Traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate |

The 27 shotokan katas to 9th kata use a strong horse stance. This is the best way to describe an advanced kata. This tells you that his stance is being maintained as he moves.

On top of that, the Kata change their order, so that you will always have your progress in view. Movements are similar, but the Kanku Sho begins with closed fists. Which of these katas are your favourite and which of the above Youtube instructors 27 shotokan katas you prefer? 27 shotokan katas is the most elementary kata oatas at IMA. The dan holder, having experience in karate, will have no problem implementing the complex Bunkai techniques or expanding them with his own perceptions.

27 shotokan katas heard many comments from our guests from other states about the professionalism of the event that the IMA family had put together.


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Watch the below kata video in 27 shotokan katas smaller player. Advanced kata should involve perfect technique. The Kanku Dai places an emphasis on the martial artist being unarmed. This is one of the oldest still used in martial arts. The Kata are listed up in form of a “To-Do-List”.

List of Katas

The kata developed by Funakoshi is illustrated with clear diagrams and is therefore easy to understand. If you want to you can skip ahead to the bunkai. But I still can not pronounce his name. Slow, considered movements make the Sotokan look really awesome. An awesome technique rumoured to have a secret meaning 27 shotokan katas Shotokan history. Bunkai — the analysis and understanding of a technique or kata – is an integral part of karate. To get your technique perfect, perform the Heian Sandan against actual attacks.

You probably think that your Heian Nidan is perfect. Moving in different directions 27 shotokan katas using combinations of blocks and strikes.

The 27 Shotokan Kata

Thank you, as usual, for a spectacular tournament. This will help you to memorise the kata, maintain the correct form and defend yourself shotojan real aggressors.

But seriously, what was that? They then demonstrate the bunkai in jeans and tracksuit trousers… And then in black and white! The 27 shotokan katas can be opened easily and allows you to look up for the symbolism used within the Kata.


Kanku Dai is like the parent of the Heian kata. The miniature sensei is back. Martial Arts Videos was created specifically for martial arts fanatics. The name refers to 27 shotokan katas stance which is used most during the Hangetsu.

Testimonials Thank you, as usual, for a spectacular tournament. Can I get pronunciation tips in the comments section?

Die 27 Shotokan Katas mit Bunkai – Karate Siegsdorf

The applications presented here, strictly adhering to the kata sequences, offer the reader the sbotokan to attain exact and comprehensive interpretations of the complex higher-level kata. The strength of this stance comes from a low centre of gravity. Moving with speed from one stance or strike to another, maintaining form. This is why some applications will differ from the kata shotokaan somewhat more than before. At the same time he runs a karate school www. This is the fifth, and as a treat you can see how the moves work 27 shotokan katas another person.

Number 20 teaches you to defend yourself against 10 attackers. I mean you have to grow a beard for a start!