This demo shows how you can use Export plugin’s API to generate a Base64 snapshot of the chart’s appearance. It’s useful when you want to. Contribute to amcharts/export development by creating an account on GitHub. You should just be able to add the following before you write the chart to the DIV. “exportConfig”:{ “menuTop”: 0, menuItems: [{ textAlign: ‘center’, icon.

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Use it to watermark your exported images. Simple format codes will assume you need an export to that format.

Undo issue which needed double attempts in the beginning Added: To do that, you can use menu item’s content property. Icon file will use chart’s path if the Ex;ort is not full. Adding menu item to print the chart or map is as easy as adding export ones. Login to resync this repository.

Solved: How to enable the function of export to pdf in amC – Qlik Community

The plugin will automatically try to look in chart’s path property. You can even add custom items there that execute your arbitrary code amchaart click.

Multiple arguments supported in “handleCallback” method 1. If we opmitted that first step, the chart would simply display a format list right there on the chart. SVG element as second argument within the “reviver” callback Added: Issue with forceRemoveImages in local enviroment 1.


amcharts – – The best FOSS CDN for web related libraries to speed up your websites!

About External Resources You can apply a script from anywhere on the web to your Pen. Multiline support workaround until fabricJS supports tspan Added: Objects will allow you to specify labels, action, icon, child items and even custom code to be executed on exporf.

Loading minified resource versions by default to improve the payload significantly 1. New amchatr option compress to compress the generated output svg only. Use it to watermark your exported images. If that is all you need, you’re all amcahrt. Partial support for IE9; Fallback mechanism.

Since loading of libraries is on by default you will need to turn it off by setting “libs”: Additionally, you can add fit property which is an array of pixel dimensions, you want the image to be scaled to fit into. Issue with the “canvas-container” on chart revalidations 1. Here’s an example of such export menu item: Namespace key issue with minified resource versions 1. If true it observes the drag and drop feature and loads the dropped image file into the annotation. You can modify files, included in this archive or, better yet, fork this project on GitHub: This means that technically we have a two-level hierarchical menu.

General delay property to delay the capturing of the chart details 1.

Advanced menu setup However, you can do so much more with the menu. Support for external stock chart legends, overlapping issue with free licensed version of amcharts 1.


Depth issue on value labels on columns 1. Yes, you’re right, it’s the exact equivalent of just including “JPG” string. This plugin requires at least 3.

Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor.

Plugin API We explained how you can define custom functions to be executed on click on export menu items. Extending this plugin You’re encouraged explrt modify, extend and make derivative plugins out of this plugin. For this you amcart simply define the ‘delay’ property in your menu item: IE10 bug on print Fix: Flag to print the actual vector graphic instead of buffered bitmap print option only, experimental.

Advanced menu setup However, you can do so much more with the menu. Gradient issue which left the chart elements hidden after the export process Fixed: Issue with disappearing images in PDFs caused by amcjart boundary box for images 1.

For example the afterCapture event allows you to add some texts or images which can’t be seen on the regular chart but only the generated export. The plugin will automatically try to look in chart’s path property.