The Etheric Double was first published in as one of a series by the same author However, their gratitude is due to Powell for his orderly presentation of. Etheric Double has 60 ratings and 7 reviews. Ron said: This is series of 5 books edited by Colonel Arthur E. Powell. He very methodically combined inform. As said himself in his introduction, . It is important to notice that the dense body and the Etheric Double vary together as to their Arthur

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Etheric sight would inform us of the healthiness or otherwise of our surroundings, and we should be able to detect disease germs or other impurities. It may be noted, in passing, that it is possible to mesmerise plants and procure specific and distinct results in stimulation of their growth.

The only way in arthut the consciousness of these astral experiences can be brought into the physical brain souble by means of the corresponding etheric centres which must first be awakened and made active. This, as before, may be done by means of long sweeping passes over the whole body, or by shorter passes over a special area: Similar shields are used for protection against fire, though for this purpose a far greater knowledge of practical magic is needed.

Tudor Edmunds, Chairman – At death the double finally withdraws from the dense body and may be seen as a violet mist, gradually condensing into a figure which is the counterpart of the expiring person and attached to the dense body by a glistening thread. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. It is very dangerous to make any sudden noise or burst into a room under such circumstances; for, the double being by instantaneous reaction drawn back into the body, the heart convulsively palpitates, and death may be caused.

Unless the elemental is charged with some special development arhtur the way of features, such as unusual beauty or the reverse, the principal agency at work in this direction will be the thoughts of the mother and the thought-forms which float around her.

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Etheric Double: The Health Aura of Man by Arthur E. Powell

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. It frequently makes the subject poowell to pain, and it may give the system a rest which may be highly beneficial. Together with great intensification of intellectual power there comes abnormal and satanic pride. These books are a wealth of esoteric information. Ships from and sold by Amazon.

Hypnotism, derived from the Greek hypnosmeaning sleep, stands literally for the art of putting to sleep. A full and controlled possession of etheric sight enables a man to see through physical matter: Some of these items ship sooner than the others.

The Chakrams are doub,e on the surface of the Double, that is about a quarter of an inch outside the skin of the body.

The two types are readily recognisable. Its colours largely represent the qualities required in the body it has to build, and its form is also usually that destined for it.

The work of the compiler brings to light many new relationships between fragments culled from divers sources, and under his hand the mosaic gradually forms itself into a pattern.

Four years afterwards the operator died, and the poweell rheumatic trouble at once returned to the lady with its former virulence.

The sides of the Rays are usually, though not always, parallel, powfll rarely fan-shaped; the ends become pointed and fade away, especially when issuing from the tips of the fingers.

Anand Sane rated it really liked it Jul 09, There are seven chakras, or energy points, where this energy collects in the etheric body. Jan 30, Glenn Horne rated it really liked it. Through the excretory organs pass the emptied atoms of the green ray, from the digestive system, and also, in the case of arhtur ordinary man, those of the red-orange ray.

Not what you would call a light read.

It is important to notice that the dense body and the Etheric Double vary together as to their quality: In addition to the coloured screens, Dr. There is a class of beautiful fairies with etheric bodies who live upon the surface of the earth, and who have come up the ladder of evolution through grasses and cereals, ants and bees, and tiny nature-spirits.


The process will most readily be followed with the aid of diagrams, Nos. Almost all nature-spirits are fond of music, and some are especially attracted by certain melodies. Recognising such gaps in our knowledge, other investigators may perhaps turn their attention in those directions and so make the picture more nearly complete.

Kilner states that his one objective in making his investigations has been to utilise the Aura as a means of diagnosis.

Since rigorously established evidence can still neither confirm nor deny, it is reasonable to hold the theory and information presented here as a hypothesis for further investigation. Thus some sensitive people suffer acutely merely shaking hands with others.

In some cases it is not necessary to make a shell to surround the whole body, but merely a small local shield to guard oneself against a special etherric.

Etheric Double: The Health Aura of Man

Such considerations have no effect dohble on astral vision. Crawford and Baron von Schrenck Notzing. Of interest to healers, body workers, and all students of esoteric lore, Powell’s discussion of the anatomy of the subtle body, its energy centers, and functions is perceptive and comprehensive.

It is very esoteric, but full of good information. In health the particles are thrown out through the pores in straight lines, at right angles to doublee surface of the body, giving to the health aura a striated effect.