We recommend that you have your Avid brakes serviced by a qualified bicycle mechanic. according to the respective SRAM technical installation manual. There are a couple of common issues with the BB7 that crop up in many of the According to the Avid instructions there should be approximately twice as much. 25 Sep This article will discuss the service and adjustment of the AvidĀ® mechanical brake systems.

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In addition to the quality of your cable system you should also make avid bb7 manual that you do not rush the finishing of your cable housing ends. The BB7s really are a huge improvement over my stock Tektros. Reply With Quote 2 pimpbot ballbuster Reputation: Last edited by cobba; at Keep repeating this until you avid bb7 manual hear rubbing on the disc.

Over time or even one muddy ride this will of course make the brakes feel pretty rubbish. However in practice this doesn’t always give the best performance.

Visit us at Facebook Twitter Youtube. So you acid not obtain full power until avid bb7 manual have been on a number of rides. Create a free website Powered by.

Use the red knobs to adjust the contact grab point. But only if you use the Avid Speed Dial levers.

But the jagwire will work fine too. Brake aviid are avid bb7 manual very important. Also, give the lever a good firm pull after each time you move the knob to be sure it’s all seated and avid bb7 manual. If you adjust the pad knob, and the brakes still rub, it’s because you didn’t move the pads by pulling the lever.


How to install Avid BB7 disc brakes. The Speed Dial knobs will also allow you to fine tune the feel of the front brakes to match that of the rear brakes. While my ADD tends to hinder my ability to assimilate written service manuals effectively, such manuals are critical to a proper installation.

I will have to watch it tonight when I install them. This is actually one reason why many people are initially disappointed with their new disc brakes as they think that there is no avid bb7 manual.

I still have a bit of warble to adjust out, but the stopping power is already vastly improved over my stock Tektros.

How to install Avid BB7 disc brakes-

Installation video of Avid bb7 manual BB7 brakes: Now turn the avid bb7 manual pad adjuster inwards 4 clicks and pull the lever a couple of times and spin the wheel. Now pull the cable tight and secure it with the cable pinch bolt. Turn this fully counter clockwise and you will have a finely modulated mechanical disc brake that matches many good hydros.

It isn’t always the disc brake that is making the noise. It’s easier to simply read the installation instructions from Avid IMHO that screw around with all those links I just bought BB7’s. Originally Posted by highdelll. Originally Posted by dog. The best way to bed in disc brakes is to ride normally. As you have wisely suggested, the original SRAM instructions should be consulted and followed during the actual installation process.


Reply With Quote 16 dog. Use the pad adjustment knobs to back out the pads all the way. However organic pads, while offering much better performance than sintered ones will wear out much more quickly.

But as long as you do not skimp on the quality of your cabling you should be fine, although preferably you should be aiming for a weather sealed system of some kind. Originally Posted by Bikinfoolferlife. To do this loosen off the caliper bolts enough so that the caliper can move about. At avid bb7 manual very least you absolutely MUST use compressionless cable housing, and make sure that you run it full length to the brakes themselves. I just finished installing avid bb7 manual front BB7 with mm rotor.

They come highly recommended! Although there could be other causes such as fork flex or another component that is avid bb7 manual under braking. But the jagwire will work fine too Honestly Many people will avid bb7 manual cut the cable to length and install it.