Compulsory Miseducation (Penguin education specials) [PAUL GOODMAN] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. IN his passionate new book, ”Compulsory Mis ‐ Education,” Mr. Goodman says it is wrong to say our schools are geared to middle‐class values: “Some of the. Find Compulsory Miseducation by Goodman, Paul at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers.

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Therefore his programme must be standardized, watered down, for seventy-five schools — otherwise it cannot be financed — although now it is worthless.

Also, the sharing of secrets, often mysterious even to themselves, is everywhere a powerful bond of union among adolescents; and certainly their business is nobody else’s business.

If society would once adopt this reconstruction, we could at last catch up with ourselves and grow naturally into the misedjcation. An intense youth sub-society is common in most cultures, the interest in sexual exploration, dancing, simple exciting music, athletics, cars and races, clubs and jackers, one-upping conversation, seems to be natural to youth — just as many adult interests are naturally irrelevant and boring to them.

Naturally, too, especially in the middle class, the regressed adults play at and sponsor every teenage idiocy. As a citizen and human being, this waste of youthful vitality appalls me. The only misdducation is that the farmer feed them and not beat them; best, of course, if they take part in the farm work.

As was inevitable, this theory was entirely perverted when it began to be applied, either in private schools or in the public system. Milwaukee, the compulsory age is at present eighteen, and the following arrangement: Now what do our schools do? Thus, if we are going to experiment with real universal education that educates, we have to start by getting rid of compulsory schooling altogether. The compulsory law is useful to get the children away from the parents, but it must not result in trapping the children.


Such a class should probably not exceed ten children for one pedagogue. The mayor would be called on. Either process is formidable with forms and tests. Something tells me that schools will continue to be profoundly broken, students will continue to survive them, and the sun will continue to rise in the morning.

General Electric swoops down on the high schools, or IBM on the colleges, and skims off the youth who have been pre-trained for them at public or mkseducation expense. Hacker News new comments show ask jobs submit.

This is in the nature of the case. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Therefore in this book I do not choose to be ‘generous’ and ‘fair’. It is largely frivolous and arbitrary, yet it is desperately conservative and exerts a tremendous pressure of blackmail against non-conformers or those ignorant of the latest, who will be unpopular.

But the following is miseducatiob new: It used to require six weeks; for such comlulsory, automation has diminished rather than increased the need for training. It happened in that school, however, that the principal was a little of a maniac on noise. Many of the backward readers might have had a better chance on the streets. The dangers of the highly technological and automated future are obvious: Lewis rated it liked it Mar 09, Ayers, W’Compulsory miseducation’, in Kridel, C ed.


Indeed, our excessive concern with problems of education at present simply means that the grown-ups do not have such a world. This experiment cannot do the children any academic harm, since there is good evidence that normal children will make up the first seven years schoolwork with four to seven months of good teaching. Here we think of the spending in the public sector, advocated by Myrdal, Keyserling, Galbraith and many others e. One expedient would have been to go close to the kid and say, miseucation up, young lady, and breathe from the diaphragm.

The experience of a wise principal is that the most essential part of his job is to know every child’s name and be an available ‘good father 1so he wants a school for We must diminish rather than expand the present monolithic school system.

At that meeting, I asked the AHE to urge society to find various other means of coping with youth unemployment, rather than putting the entire burden an the colleges.

Compulsory Miseducation

For very many, both poor and middle class, their homes are worse than the schools, and the city streets are worse in another way. Yet it by no means follows that the miseeucation artifact of a school system has miesducation to do with education, and certainly not with good education.

Just as our American society as a whole is more and more tightly organized, so its school system is more and more regimented as part of that organization.