Durbar – Kindle edition by Singh Tavleen. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking. Tavleen Singh’s is a racy memoir about a time long gone past. There is an element of bile in it too. But, in the realm of public memories, something is always . 19 Mar And Durbar by Tavleen Singh falls smack bang into the swirling vortex of innuendo, access and personal score settling that to most casual.

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See all 3 questions about Durbar…. Still have a question? The almost non-existence of South India from this account and the singular singgh on Delhi and the Gandhi dynasty might lead the reader into believing that no India existed beyond the hallowed walls of Delhi, in the 70s and 80s.

She also offers a brief glimpse into a woman who is aware, and remarkable at feeling the winds of political change in India. How believable is the book Durbar by tavleen singh?

The efficiency with which Congress had nearly destroyed glory and idea of India is to be looked upon Dec 02, Smitha rated it it was amazing Shelves: But taleen, she soon lapses back into her personal criticisms of Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi, rarely backing them up with any solid reasoning or sources.

The constitution and the law empowers government with all the authority needed to administer the country effectively.

Review: “Durbar” By Tavleen Singh

He said that Sanjay and he were together in Srinagar when they heard about the elections and Sanjay had tavlern very upset. And Durbar sure provides that in sijgh form of the description of the origins of the Kashmir and Punjab problem. In the end, I believe it falls upon us – the so called X-gen – to ensure we listen to our stalwarts such as Ms Tavleen Singh and understand how our country came to be as it is.


Her contention is that the Gandhi’s lacked in surplus income till after Rajiv became prime minister. Durbar is not a erudite political analysis, but I don’t think it intends to be.

As the country suffered under the iron fist of an elected icon and her chosen heir, Tavleen observed that a small, influential section of Delhi’s society people she knew well remained strangely unaffected by the perilous state of the nation.

Akbar too has been portrayed as grumpy boss with his ever ready carror-and-stick. What I liked most about the book was that it doesn’t pretend to be a history book, it is clear about what it is; the author is pretty candid about the fact that with someone having grown up in the same milieu as the then ruling class, she had privileged access to their drawing rooms and as a result had a vantage point insight as to how and why the ruling class during the times of Indira, Sanjay and Rajiv went about things as they did.

This page may be out of date. The India that her citizens loved no longer existed, he said, it became a vast prison camp, a prison camp in which human beings were no longer treated as human.

Review: “Durbar” By Tavleen Singh – The Reader

Sanjay Gandhi’s forced sterilizations were repulsive, but was it really neccessary to describe one of his female minions’ “dumpiness? Political enthusiasts, students and commentators are a funny breed. Fatima Bhutto explores what it is to be young and Muslim in a polarised world. Ravleen apply this to the lar One of those unsolved mysteries of India to me has always been how democracy has survived so long in this country.

The Bhindranwale problem and its repercussions is also well covered in my opinion. After a long time, I once again read the debacle of Shah Bano among other things.

Tavleen herself was questioned by the I.

Durbar : An extremely interesting book

It was well past 9. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. May be we can take home the message that was apparent in the events that happened then, and rectify ourselves, sing as not to let the history repeat itself. Recommended for anyone from my generation who wants to get atleast some sense of the political scenario tavlleen the mid 70s and what followed – Tavleen writes with disarming candor and the book is every inch a memoir and not a deep political analysis.


The emotions with which the macabre events of history like Emergency Operation Blue star, Sikh riots have been expressed is heart wrenching and unbelievable at the same time. Within five weeks, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared the Emergency, suspending fundamental rights and imposing press censorship, and soon reckless policies sai A revealing account of our political past that holds crucial lessons for today’s India In the summer of Tavleen Singh, not yet twenty-five, started working as a junior reporter in the Statesman in New Delhi.

The book also The Period from to has been very turbulent one in the political scenario of India. The Indira Gandhi dynasty and the politics of nepotism and sycophancy tht she brought about are at the heart of this book.

The almost non-existence of South India from this account and the singular focus on Delh A personal memoir more, less a serious historical account of Delhi politics and power-circle, this immensely readable, enjoyable book is not without its flaws.

So, there has always been a curiosity to get some first-hand drbar of incidents like emergency, operation blue star, sikh riots, assassination of Mr. taavleen

Also possibly, what is lacking now amongst most of us, but was a trend till the last generation, probably she kept a diary though this is just a guess.