When it first appeared in , Bread and Wine stunned the world with its exposure of Italy’s fascist state, depicting that regime’s use of. As Ignazio Silone’s novel Bread and Wine opens, Don Benedetto, a Catholic priest, is sitting outside his modest home. It is his seventy-fifth birthday, and he is . Something has been lost in the shuffle, buried under the exotic. Reading Ignazio Silone’s Bread and Wine was to hear its narration muffled and.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you silobe to read. Also, remember, Silone was against Communism at the time he wrote the book. The villagers view the new priest in thier midst as a saint and push, nag him, blackmail him to give blessings, hear confessions and perform the role as priest which he finds fulfills a need.

Bread and Wine by Ignazio Silone

Reading Sione Silone ‘s Bread and WineI think perhaps the reason is that all three are priest-haunted countries that wear their Catholicism on their sleeves. In fact, in Bread and Winethe hero, one Pietro Spina, a Communist, is disguised as a priest named Father Paolo Spada, who is in hiding among the peasants of his native Abruzzi.


This is no happy book. Lives of the Saints Book by Nino Ricci. We meet Pietro’s school mentor, the old priest Don Benedetto, at the begining of the novel. He is hiding from the government, which is intolerant of his ideas. You aspire to totalitarian power, too, but in the name of different ideas, which means just different words, and for different interests.

During his time in hiding, he learns more about the terrifying hopelessness and resignation of the villagers. This article about a s novel is a stub. At least, in the Italian countryside… So many of them breathe with such real vibrancy and an that we feel we know them and would recognize them were they to walk into the room.

Both novels concentrate on the Italian rural poor, who are suffering under Mussolini’s dictatorship and who dearly wish they could emigrate to America or Argentina. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page.

Scan to replace existing image. We do not bring our offerings to God as repayment for what He has already done. The liberation movement revolution is “a bureaucracy in embryo. Feb 21, Jim rated it it was amazing Igjazio An Outline of the Novel: Three and a half stars really for this novel.

Bread and Wine by Ignazio Silone | Cellar Door

So, Silone was a paradox personified. Pietro Spina is a young revolutionary who is being sought by authorities. The breadth and depth of the religious imagery, and subtle commentary on the source and uses of si,one truth, were suddenly made apparent to my “new sight” the second time I read Bread And Wine, and I saw many allusions and images that I had missed as a secular undergraduate.


By the end you’re left wondering if the book’s true hero is not Spina, but Zabaglione, a man who is has conserved his resources to do the rebuilding when Fascism is finally gone. David Book by Ignazuo Hoffman. Book The Castleby Franz Kafka. Mar 25, Ali rated it liked it Shelves: Book La Storiaby Elsa Morante. Notify me of new comments via email. Book The Worth of Women: He changes his name from Pietro Spina to Paolo Spada; his identity from a lay person to a Catholic priest.

Book Galileoby Bertolt Brecht.

Carte Blanche Book by Carlo Lucarelli. Book Midnight in Sicilyby Peter Robb. Sacred Hearts Book by Sarah Dunant. In defiance of genre, Silone weaves a heavy tapestry from threads of fable, philosophy, morality play, and political subterfuge. Domenico’s Table Book by Teresa Neumann.