22 Dec Index Astartes is a feature that used to run in the White Dwarf magazine (back when it was still good). The series was presented as entries from. + Index Astartes +: And They Shall Know No Fear: Other Space Marine Chapters . The Adeptus Astartes are genetically engineered warriors, created by the Emperor of Mankind and tempered by centuries of bloody warfare. The Index Astart.

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Apocrypha To help celebrate 30 years of Space Marines, alongside releasing the Imperial Space Marine modelGames Workshop also released a hardcover book, collecting a range of early Space Marine material called Index Astartes: Castellan Draco ltHelbrecht, Grimaldus and an Imperial space marine, with a astzrtes squad and Techmarine on bike.

Index Astartes: Pt.3 (Warhammer 40,) by Graham McNeill

I therefore pledge to tackle this to make games more enjoyable for everyone. The Fire Hawks, before becoming the Invex of the Damned, were even around since Personal tools Log in Request account. Sadly my terminator priests were no longer valid and so got converted into an ancient and one still remains as a priest for posterity.

The Codex Astartes details the doctrine of the Sp… More.

Blood Angels will need to be split across 2 posts I suspect, Ultramarines are missing a couple of the Japanese exclusives that I haven;t managed to get ahold of yet and astartew Deathwatch I was hanging on to see if I infex expand them with Primaris – I intend to ultimately but won’t be for a while now so I may as well post them sooner than later.


I have a bit of the budget left to address this with later in the year.

+ Index Astartes +

Enric J marked it as to-read Jun 25, Similar series of articles were made focusing on xenosentitled Index Xenosand on the forces of Chaosentitled Index Malleus. It also contains information about Chaplains and The Cursed Founding.

Your ad here, right now: Benjamin Uke rated it it was ok Apr 07, Ishagu 17 Oct Saving the best til almost last — here, finally, are my Blood angels. Ascanius 29 Mar In terms of the armoury, I have 6 rhino chassis and a land raider which are magnetised for different loadouts.

Obviously all the bases are finished nicely but the models themselves have a fair way to go.

Started by MillionsSons16 Jan So this one kind of slipped through the net. I have 15 death company with magnetised JPs and some army.

I was just going over which armies I needed to do a showcase for still I make it 5 now – coming up soon and raven guard stumped me a bit. Silentz 13 Indeex Techmarines tend astarets the war machines and weapons… More. I’ve been at the club for a year and a half now which has been great. Lastly, on to the characters. I will try to break it down as best I can to fit in a single post. Been a while as I’ve mostly bee working on non-marine projects a few months now, aside for a bit of tinkering with my Dark Angels.

Index Astartes: Pt.3

Fire hawks – vindicator as preference for then plus a mk3 captain as use a lot of mk3. I have most of the content of the Apocrypha in the original WD’s and supplement rulebooks I bought when I was astarres, but I really wish I had gotten this book when I had the chance. Chad Ramsey added it Oct 11, Simply put, they are a themed army I created to represent astartds of the space marine armies of the badab war on the same battlefield. Delete From Forum This option completely removes the post from the topic.


This army also has Corax in it, although he has only graced the battlefield once in 7th when he took out Horus! If you already have an account, login here – otherwise create an account for free today! By my count that leaves Blood Angels, Ultramarines and Deathwatch to go! Astartee of the Emperor: Claws and Effect 11 May Hot on the heels of the Raven guard showcase is the Black Templars showcase.

Index Astartes – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Looking back at all of this material, it is really not surprising that Space Marines and Warhammer 40, created such a legacy.

You currently have javascript disabled. Devastator, assault and tactical marines, with a company ancient and champion, Sicarius, Techmarine and Cassius.