Giselle McKenzie trembled inexplicably as the sound of a low growl reverberated throughout the threads of her consciousness. Yet every time he placed his hand over hers, she heard that eerie, primitive growl. Book 2 of The Empress’ New Clothes: NO MERCY, tells us the story of King. Buy a cheap copy of No Mercy (Trek Mi Q’an, Book 2) by Jaid Black. Book 2 in the series Trek Mi Q’an Giselle McKenzie trembled inexplicably as the sound of a. Rem Q’an Tal, King of Sypar, High Lord of the Gryok Sectors knew that he was going to die soon if he didn’t find his Sacred Mate. He had been alive for.

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Boring, repetitive sex at that. She has to jajd sex in public because well that’s just how things are done on this planet. She has very few rights of her own. It’s well humoured, if you read one. Didn’t quite enjoy it as much as the first book, Giselle is kidnapped by her devolving mate, this is someone who after hundreds of years will devolve into a slathering mindless mad creature after not being able to secure a mate. I suggest reading the first book The Empress New Clothes to fully enjoy but the author does do a good sum up that may or may not have you as confused and lost as Giselle at first.

H Aside from the atrocities the female in other planets faced, like being forced to be naked and collared, sold to an auction, forced to serviced jaaid for your everyday needs; the one thing I can comment on this story is that Jaid Black forced many characters jaaid be part of one story, that I imagine having a meanwhile batman seal every time they head hop.

The story is too crude for me especially with a detailed description of how the aliens treated women in the 6th dimension and its quite disturbing.

Is blsck an adult or child’s book?

Detailed Review Summary of No Mercy by Jaid Black

I get that it’s the way of things on glack planet. If you are curious about the series, I would start with the first book “The Empress’ New Clothes” and go from there, but there is definitely heavy alpha male dominance issues in this book. Feb 03, Nickcole rated it really liked it. Recommended to shartyrant by: This futuristic sci-fi romance erotica would’ve been interesting if there was more world building and nl relying on everything relating to sex.


Then they go through a portal to another world in the 6th dimension, that Rem has been to before in the past. Also, what’s with Jaid Black’s heroes? I enjoyed this book very much. There are quite a number of ridiculous and extreme socio-sexual practices in this fantastical world that at a certain point I had to seriously consider that the author was actually TRYING to be funny purposely.

Add to Your books. Also her brother, High King Jor is of age to receive his harem.

He found his mate Giselle who was a 36 year old virgin in Australia. Rem after the Jera facade is slowly going mad and without finding his true Sacred Mate he will devolve into a basier animal instincts. Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Conversations 53. Rem needs to be a little bit more appreciative but Gis didnt really put up with his crap which was good.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. She was just about to close the deal when she heard the strange growling and saw some startling blue eyes. Will blac, continue with series.

That part I think is ridiculous and I get the storyline and the theme, but it is totally degrading women and I had a huge problem with that!

No Mercy Book Summary and Study Guide

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It would be nice if bpack author wrote about at least one woman who had living parents or siblings who meant a great deal to her. Meanwhile Giselle is on a roller coaster on the one hand she can sense his bouts of near madness but jaidd the other she just needs a minute to herself to understand this new world. How would these warriors feel if they had to be uprooted Stars: I don’t mind alpha males, but these males mwrcy far too controlling and domineering that it’s not sexy at all.

Das bisschen Handlung was es hier gibt, ist nur da um nicht eine Sexszenen nach der anderen zu schreiben. References to this work on external resources. Quite a bit happens in this one and they touch on stuff with Death and Kil and even with maid daughters of Kyra and Geris. Now that she is dead and he can find his true mate he is on the hunt, but after 17 years of looking he is starting to devolve as their species does.


Giselle certainly doesn’t like to be seen prancing around in public wearing nothing but two sheer scraps of fabric, but what else can she do?

No Mercy (Trek Mi Q’an, #2) by Jaid Black

All in all a solid read, I still enjoyed it just not quite as much. Refresh and try again. Also writing as Jasmine LeVeaux Jun 10, Carolyn F.

Writing as Meecy Black, her books have received numerous distinctions, including a nomination for the Henry Miller award for the best literary sex scene written in the English language.

There is no depth in the story. One of these books from the trek mi q’an series goes a long way. And he seemed to be a little too cruel to Giselle. But it all read the same and there was no emotional connection so it came off as flat.

It was fun seeing her go from one extreme to the other. The next blac, Giselle knew, she was on a spaceship flying out to who knows where with a gorgeous blond giant named Rem who claims that she is his sacred mate. I highly recommend this series to erotica readers who enjoy plenty of sex, non-stop orgams, hedonistic “aliens”, and much more.

Just when she thinks things cannot get worse, their spaceship malfunctions and they are forced to stop megcy in Joo, a backwards planet with limited flying capabilities and a long, hard walk to the nearest spacestation. Rem is more dominant then his older brother Zor and very close to the edge.

So far, so great. He had been alive for hundreds of years and could feel himself starting to turn into a beast. Paperbackpages.