RichFaces Tutorial with features, configuration, architecture, a4j:log, a4j:ajax, learning Richfaces, you must have the basic knowledge of Basic Java and JSF. The next-generation JSF component framework by JBoss! The RichFaces project is an advanced UI component framework for easily integrating Ajax. The description relies on a simple JSF with RichFaces application creation process from “RichFaces Toolkit for developing Web application” video tutorial.

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The process of application creation described here is common and does not depend on used IDE. I use a font style element for consistent readability, and also to show that RichFaces allows CSS flexibility.

The SelCtl class tells the component to use the lightgrey background color instead. One major disappointment in the 4. If you frequent forums and mailing lists, sooner or later you will see a question that asks how to handle downloading thousands or millions of entries to a drop-down list.

Notice that all components have a rich: Notice that the switchType attribute makes a reappearance. Go to the folder with unzipped jsg RichFaces binary files and open lib folder.

Joe Sam Shirah Published on January 10, Clicking on the bar shows or hides the content, much like tutorail Accordion with only one item. As far as formatting goes, other tutoriql the initial portions see Listing 1everything in the web page code should look familiar. Its default value is server. With jdf introduction of version 4, Richfaces is now compatible with JSF 2 and includes simplifications and efficiencies you’ll appreciate.


The Java code is virtually unchanged from that used in ” An introduction to RichFaces. Then you fichfaces import the project into Eclipse. After the user has made the desired selection son submittal your handler receives the list containing the choice s. Adding RichFaces libraries into the project. The Tab Panel component see Figure 4 is straightforward to use, although for migration you should note some changes. The good news about the entries in Listings 2 and 3 is that they are virtually the same in all of your applications and essentially boilerplate code.

If you need more background on these technologies, see Related topics for appropriate links. For more information on how to work with RichFaces skins read ” Skinnabilty ” chapter.

RichFaces Showcase

Thanks to that foundation, any component can jzf Ajax enabled in several different ways. Notice that the background color richfacces the Submit button in Figure 7 and the Edit button in Figure 8 matches that of the other elements even though those buttons are standard JSF, not RichFaces, components.

To create the project structure and fill it with minimal content we will use the “maven-archetype-jsfwebapp” Maven archetype which is a part of RichFaces CDK. RichFaces is built on Ajax4jsf see Related topics. I’ll leave to your imagination how to use the data and components in a production application.

For Facelets you should add the following lines for tag library declaration:. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. The Pick List component lets you move and reorder the available items. Version 4 has tutorail changed and additional defaults, and it’s worthwhile to check the documentation.


RichFaces Tutorial

Once you’ve made your entries, click usf Submit button. For migration, note that the dependencies have changed completely in version 4. After RichFaces libraries where added into the project it is necessary to register them in project web.

Facelets also includes a number of other useful features, such as easy templating and elements to make life easier for tutprial page designers. Richfaces In this tutorial we will. The AutoComplete component used the classic skins color, which made things appear inconsistent.

Using RichFaces with JSF 2

However, there are some things to keep in mind regarding the demo code:. I prefer keeping things as clean and straightforward as possible. Related articles available on mastertheboss. In the demo code, as usual, the header value is pulled from the resource bundle. The AutoComplete component see Figure 3which replaces Suggestion Box, offers a way to show valid input selections without attempting that unworkable extreme.

The dwRichFaces4Demo1 example application is minimal; its only real purpose is to demonstrate setup and usage of the selected components.

Its use here is for ignoreDupResponses ; review the documentation for other capabilities. You can use it at the view or form level.

You can now build the project with the mvn install command.