Monsieur Linh and His Child is a novella by French author Philippe Claudel, originally published in French in Monsier Linh is an East Asian—possibly. 27 May Monsieur Linh and His Child is Claudel’s third book in English, after Grey Souls and Brodeck’s Report, which last year won the the Independent. 4 Apr Monsieur Linh and His Child, first published in France six years ago, couldn’t on the face of it be more different, even though this story also has.

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I read it in one sitting, my coffee forgotten and felt genuinely moved by this perfect little novel. One assumes that Monsieur Linh comes from Vietnam, though Claudel never says.

He feels good when his large new friend places a comforting hand on his shoulder and admires his child. La petite fille de Monsieur Linh by Philippe Claudel. But he forms a friendship with Monsieur Bark, a local man he meets on a park bench, whose wife died two months before, and who understands his need to care for his grandchild. Monsieur Linh and His Child Author s: Aug 20, Steve added it Shelves: Monsieur Linh is an elderly refugee who arrives in France with other “boat people”, clutching a flimsy suitcase and a newborn baby.

He fled after his son and daughter-in-law were killed in the war ravaging his homeland that destroyed his village. Although requiring to be read as a fable, with a willing suspension of disbelief, this short novella is surely the brightest in Claudel’s oeuvre, reminding us of those special moments in the other books when he also breaks free of the prevailing darkness.


Its publisher, Maclehose, is to be monsieru for bringing out a book more likely to be read appreciatively by a handful of discerning readers than to achieve any nis commercial success.

Monsieur Bark has also been looking for him; losing his friend is another emptiness in his life. Daarbij stuitte ik vanuit het niets op de clou van het verhaal, die een normale lezer pas op het einde te weten zou komen.

Book review: Monsieur Linh and His Child by Philippe Claudel, translated by Euan Cameron

His name is Monsieur Linh, but he is the only one to know that, since everybody else who knows him is dead. Anc book is a gem.

Order by newest oldest recommendations. Yet as with the others, its plot hinges on a relationship between a parent or grandparent and a young child, an innocent reminder or embodiment of adult grief who may yet offer the means of overcoming it.

Monsieur Linh and His Child by Philippe Claudel

And then he encounters Monsieur Bark. Then he is moved from the hostel to a new residence and is afraid he has lost his friend. Pero gracias a la guerra tiene que escapar de ella y abandonarla junto a su nieta, a la que sa 4. At first, this new city seems neutral and forbidding to Monsieur Linh, lacking the warmth, the scents, the colors of his tropical home.

Foi com estes sentimentos que o sr.

La petite fille de Monsieur Linh

This book is near-perfect in every way. In deceptively simple language Claudel tells the story of two older men from whom life has taken more than they can bear to lose. Wat een pareltje van een boekje, hoe er in 60 pagina’zoveel emoties losgemaakt kunnen worden. Trivia About La petite fille d In a providential accident life sometimes arranges for us, he sits on the bench a nearly equally elderly Frenchman likes to frequent, for just across the street is the park in which is located the merry-go-round his wife ran before her recent death.


Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. His son and daughter-in-law have been killed “in the war that has been raging in his country for years”. Although I finishe Philippe Claudel’s Monsieur Linh and his child is a wonderful, original and haunting study of an an elderly refugee from an unknown war torn country. Y este fue el momento de leerlo y me ha gustado mucho. This site uses cookies. Traumatized by memories of his war-ravaged country, and with his son and daughter-in-law dead, Monsieur Linh travels to a foreign land to bring the child in his arms to safety.

Philippe Claudel First Sentence: A lot is implied in this novel and a lot is not explicitly declared.

I’ve never met one or the other. The truth that she is not his granddaughter at all, but rather, a doll. But both are short, both are very moving, and there is a childlike wonder to the writing in both books that makes me think of them in the same breath.

Af en toe stelde ik me een vraag over een bepaalde personage waar ik niet teveel kan over uitspreken of ik verklap gans het boek maar helemaal op het einde kreeg ik uiteindelijk wel het antwoord samen met een druppeltje water in het hoekje van mijn oog.