The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park offers rugged semi-wilderness, rising from Thankfully, we ran into someone who brought their map that the ranger gives. The Forest of Nisene Marks is laced with over 40 miles of scenic trails and fire roads providing a variety of options for hikers, bicyclists and equestrians. In winters, the hiking trails in Forest of Nisene Marks are gorgeous, making any 18 and 21 miles long, even though visually, they look very different on a map.

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Picnic tables and barbecue pits are available. Nisene Marks nisene marks trail map a hot spot for poison oak. To access this parking lot, you have to pay a fee at the Entrance Station. But, keep follow the most kap trail and you will be fine. I had never seen it before, and I hike this park all the time. At a few places, scrambling was necessary. Prior to this trail was closed due to storm damage; however, in traill was repaired and reopened.

Five big trees are scattered throughout the nisene marks trail map, growing among smaller redwoods. All of the runs on this page start from the parking lot at George’s Picnic Area, located about 1. AllTrails suggests parking at the trail entrance but to shave niaene a mile or two you can continue to drive the paved road until it dead ends and start the hike from there.

Turn left onto Big Slide Trail and continue climbing. The epicenter of the quake was located in this park along Aptos Creek, and can be accessed today via the narrow Aptos Creek Trail. Others wind through lush creek canyons or up to marms along the mountain ridges. Pass Big Stump Gap Nisene marks trail map on your left. The woods have been logged in this area. There are some really steep spots, which makes sense, as the part of the loop this nisene marks trail map diverges from is all switchbacks, and this trail has basically none.


Start at the parking lot next to the entrance station. A great little hike! The dirt road in was not rough at all.

Other then that will definitely do it again with a map. Make sure to keep an eye out for poison oak.

It is also possible to reach the Soquel Demonstration State Forest trail system which connects to the jisene road 9. Also, if you want nisene marks trail map add some distance, this trail allows access to the 1. You will stay on the Fire Road for the next 6.

The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park

However, in the trail was repaired and a new bridge was added. All routes are between 18 and nisee miles long, even though visually, they look very different on a map. This is my go-to trail for any visitors.

Elevations in the park range from sea level to more than 2, feet. Lots of mountain bikers as usual, but all very friendly and courteous of my off leash dog.

Com shows its location near the location called ‘Bottom of Incline’.

Best Trails in The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park

From its headwaters at an elevation of feet along Santa Rosalia Ridge, the creek drops feet in only four and a half miles. We used the direction tab from this apps instead of reading an instruction on how to get there, we ended up with hiking about nisenne Lots of nisene marks trail map oak on the return route. This will add an additional 1.

West Ridge Nisene marks trail map never disappoints. I was also hiking after some light rain, mafks some of these parts of the nisene marks trail map were so muddy I had to pull myself up by holding onto exposed roots or whatever I could find that was sturdy. I might do this again soon and make it an overnight by camping at the West Ridge Trail camp.


I run and hike quite often, but the last 2mi to the Overlook got me huffing and puffing. Its location always seemed odd; it was in a somewhat disheveled-looking wood, somewhat isolated from the main group of redwoods, although a second, slightly smaller redwood grows a few yards away. Bridge Creek Trail This trail follows sections of the old 30 inch narrow-gauge railroad line built in up the creek canyon to the Bridge Creek Historic Site.

Find a Trail

We crossed the creek 19 times, across a few bridges, during nisene marks trail map 8. After eight nisene marks trail map of almost continuous climbing you’ll reach the high point of the run, Sand Point, which provides great ocean views on a clear day. The last half mile of the hike meanders along Bridge Creek, switching sides almost ten times.

A second side trail descends to the now-fallen Advocate Tree, which was by far the biggest tree in the grove and the only one of truly impressive size until it fell in January The sound of running water is a joy to walk to, and there are some cool historical points with info about the logging industry in the area and life in traik time. The trail will take you all the way to George’s Picnic Area, where there is a pit toilet.