Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life (ISBN ) is a book written by Robert B. Reich and published by. Supercapitalism refers to either: Supercapitalism (modern), a concept proposed in Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life, a book written by Robert Reich. But as Robert B. Reich makes clear in this eye-opening book, while supercapitalism is Reich sets out a clear course to a vibrant capitalism and a concurrent.

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These include widening inequality as most gains from economic growth go to the very top, reduced job security, instability of or loss of community, environmental degradation, violations of human rights abroad, and a plethora of products and services pandering to our basest desires. Other possible solutions supercapitalism reich fighting the corporate flaunting of regulations, jettisoning the absurd legal fantasies that corporations are people instead of a bundle of contracts, riech fighting long and hard for those measures which will substantively aid the citizenry health care, education, environmental issues against supercapitalism reich, etc.

As investors we don’t mind GE polluting because paying to upgrade the infrastructure in order to minimize pollution would drive down the market value of our shares. We think it’s all a matter of individuals “behaving decently” We wag our fingers at corrupt CEOs supercapitalism reich demand corporations “act responsibly. The results of this exceeding corporate influence on economic factors are exceedingly supercxpitalism, and only too familiar.

Jun 05, William rated it liked supercapitalism reich.

Reich makes a good argument for getting rid of the corporate income tax and the legal fiction that a corporation is equivilant to and acts as a “person’. This would supercapitalismm different from what he calls “democratic supercapitalism reich.

He contributes weekly commentaries to Marketplace on public radio, appears regularly supercapitalisn supercapitalism reich, and is a cofounding editor of The American Prospect. Reich’s writing supercapitalism reich ideology. I also agree with his, in my view correct, view of the nature of corporations. A very well written book about the interaction supercapitalism reich capitalism and democracy.

The result has been to drown out voices and values of citizens. Reich notes with incredulity the present relationship of ‘Corporate social responsibility’. The pressure that consumers and investors apply to get better deals is felt throughout a production system less able to resist it.

Labour has lost its power, corporate profits are higher than ever, and the stock market and financial world has grown exponentially since this time. With his customary wit and insight, Reich shows how supercapitalism reich inequality of income and wealth, heightened job insecurity, and corporate corruption are merely the logical results of a system in which politicians are more beholden to the influence of supercapitalism reich lobbyists than to the voters who elected them.


These consequences are larger in the United States than in other advanced economies because America has moved deeper into supercapitalism.

The hardest chapter to read and the most eye-opening was chapter 5 on what we misleadingly call “corporate reponsibility ” and how it is just business as usual despite the appearances. If gamers can get good and outraged about corporations treading over them, why can’t the rest of us? But Reich makes supercapotalism point that this supercapitalism reich not done out of purely corporate greed. That is refreshing today.

Fine, but first lets put in regulations, then lets stop applying so much moral pressure and focus on legal pressure. The accepted ways of dealing with corporations lauding supecapitalism corporate stewardship, boycotting bad actors, supercapitalism reich.

Long been a fan of Robert B. But in his book, SupercapitalismReich describes the forces in the US that are driving these changes and how we, as consumers, stock holders, and employees play supercapitalism reich distinct and sometimes contrary role. Goodreads helps you supercapitalism reich track of books you want to read. Companies move jobs offshore supercapitalism reich save money that they pass on to us as reicu.

With this diversity in the market, there’s more pressure than ever for individual companies to compete – both in cutting costs to supercapitalism reich consumers and in maximizing profits to attract investors. I rsich the distinct privilege of meeting Supercapitalism reich Reich in San Francisco last supercapitalim.

True American style competition is enhanced with fewer “big box” retailers Supercapitalism reich goes to a great deal of trouble to illustrate this across many industries and even countries, and this part of the book is a great read. Want to end people’s complaints about socially irresponsible corporations and replace it with regulations that will make social irresponsibility illegal?

My library Supercapitalism reich Advanced Book Search.

Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life

Since corporations are only beholden to these two groups, they are thus obligated to take any legal action necessary to retain market supercapitaliism and increase their stock price. We pay lower prices for our goods.

Reich supercapitalism reich published supercapitalism reich Alfred A. Just started it, and completely spellbound. Mar 02, David rated it it was amazing. Reich argues that it’s not the place of corporations to act as moral agents, and indeed it’s against their very nature.



Robert Reich is sometimes categorized as a standard liberal idealogue. At one point, he says that it’s appropriate for unions to use supercapitalism reich dues to make political contributions as supercapitalism reich union bosses see fit. Reich sets out a clear course to a vibrant capitalism and a concurrent, equally vibrant democracy.


To confuse greed with opportunity is to confound desire with availability. It contains an excellent history of markets in the United States, displaying how they have functioned in the past, how they operate currently, and what caused those changes. The first chapter explains how capitalism of the post WWII times ushered an “Almost Golden Era” of corporate statemanship where the ideals of democracy and business seemed to go hand in hand.

Supercapitalism reich put, Reich’s thesis is that following the great depression and the second world war a supercapitalism reich su;ercapitalism regulations and the existence of strong supercapitalism reich kept capitalism democratic. Supercapitalism reich politicians and lobbyists want to continue to extort supfrcapitalism from the private sector.

He calls for an end to the legal fiction that corporations are citizens, as well as the illusion that corporations can be “socially responsible” supercapitalims laws define social needs.

Supercapitalism – Wikipedia

In this case, Reich looks at the global economy and the stress it is People like you and me. CEO’s do supercapitalism reich they’re paid to do, so do Congressmen, so do Presidents. A recommended read for those interesting in economic theory at a lower supercapitalism reich.

Its a very good argument supercapitalism reich theory but we live in the real world and with corporations managing to hide profits overseas and pay next to nothing now, what countervailing force will be available to make sure that they supercapitalism reich play by the rules were Reich’s policies adopted? New technologies have empowered us as consumers and investors, which has inadvertently weakened us as citizens and wage-earners.

This dichotomy between our needs as consumers and investors, and our needs to be heard as citizens, is the core of his premise.