Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence [Reverend Jean Baptiste Saint-Jure and Saint Claude La Colombière, Paul Garvin, Catholic Way Publishing] on. The following pages were written by a well-known French religious writer of the 17th century, Father Jean Baptiste Saint-Jure (), and are an extract. Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence by Fr. Jean Baptiste Saint-Jure & St. Claude de la Colombiere. Part I. Fr. Jean Baptiste Saint-Jure. The Will of God Made.

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Jan 27, Kathryn rated it it was amazing. The more He seems to be unwilling, the more you must insist. God makes use of men as the doctor does of leeches. The sculptor must chip, hew and smooth it to make it into a statue that is a work of art. The will and intention of the judge is not that this sin should he committed, but that justice should take its course and the criminal be punished. This truth has always been familiar to the minds of those truly enlightened by God.

Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence: The Secret of Peace and Happiness

Simple but not easy. Thanks to our friend Neish who gave this book as a gift a few years ago.

Neither should we then stop to consider surrener evilness of those to whom God gives power to act on us or be grieved at their wicked intentions, and we should keep ourselves from feelings of aversion towards them. Augustine, “Job does not say, ‘The Lord gave and the devil hath taken away,’ but says, wise that he is, ‘The Lord gave me my children and my possessions, and it is He who has taken them away; it has been done as it has pleased the Lord.

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Hernandez rated it really liked it.

Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence – Saint-Jure, Rev. Fr. & St. Claude de la Colombiere

We trust ourselves to a doctor because we suppose he knows his business. You’d think that such a small and thin book would be unimpressive, however I can assure you if you read it slowly and reflectively it is probably a banquet of wisdom!

This statement must be taken absolutely of everything with the exception of sin. Let us never then attribute our losses, our disappointments, our afflictions, our humiliations to the devil or to men, but to God as their real source.

In any case, it’s a little book, and I’ve been carrying it around in my purse, reading and rereading sections, and I most likely will do that for some time to come. You treat us with extreme condescension, and adapting Yourself to the weakness of nature, design to place each one of us in the best and most suitable situation for working out our salvation.

Pillars of the Church.

Jul 08, Paulina rated it really liked it Shelves: You are like a block of marble in the hands of the sculptor. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Your misfortunes are the work not of this or that person but of God. His mind is so pleasantly occupied with his worldly affairs that it is easy for him to forget all turstful rest.

And how could a thing remain, unless you willed it; or be preserved, had it not been called forth by you?

Nov 04, Nadine Schaefbauer rated it it was amazing. A wonderful little book. Biff Henderson rated it it was amazing Jun 01, God indeed is eivine and cannot be the author of sin. Saint-Jure as well as by St.


Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence, Part I:A

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The doctor’s only intention is to have the impure blood drawn from the patient and to cure him in this manner. Alphonso Liguori’s Uniformity with God’s Will but I think this was even better and offered a lot of practical insight and suggestions.

Carol rated it it was amazing Jan 02, I certainly struggled with this for a long time, but my current trust is based on seein This is one of the best spiritual books I’ve ever read, but requires a huge amount of context to understand.

Quite literally one of the most important books I have ever divinf. If I were worthier of Your benefits if would be less to Your glory to give me them. Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Apr 27, For the rest, having entrusted them to God try to see what His will for them is, to help them along the path in trustfl He has chosen for them.

Sisters of Carmel: Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence by St. Claude de la Colombière

He will watch over them and dispose all things for their happiness and welfare, and the more unreservedly you entrust their future to His hands, the greater will be His loving care for them. Truly the secret to peace and hapiness!!

Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence: